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The IBM WebSphere family of products can be a lot of different things to different people, and – just like any family – each member has it sown strengths and weaknesses. Some are fully developed and mature; others are just starting out. Each member has its own way of doing things and of working with other members of the family. Some members are very cooperative and eager to work with outsiders; others stay close to the family. The most important part of the family, though, is not the software itself, it’s the people who design, build, customize, deploy, and administer the software. Without all of you...there would be no WebSphere. The professional life of a talented group of men and women at IBM is entirely focused on WebSphere and literally thousands of companies have joined the family to help deploy, customize, administer, and create their own applications that r... (more)

A Conversation with IBM's Kerrie Holley

As chief architect of e-Business Integration Solutions for IBM Global Services, Kerrie Holley turns business requirements into cutting-edge network solutions. Holley, an IBM Distinguished Engineer, was honored for his contributions to IBM when he received the Chairman's Award at the 2003 Black Engineer of the Year Awards ceremonies. In an exclusive interview with WebSphere Developer's Journal editor-in-chief Jack Martin, Holley discusses the origins and future of e-business on demand, and the importance of a service-oriented architecture in today's enterprise. WSDJ: When you firs... (more)

How to Deal with IT Outsourcing? Fulfill Society's Unmet Needs

The whole point of my recent series of editorials has been to get people thinking about what has happened to the job market for IT developers and administrators - and where it is going next. Over the past two months I have written about what I have witnessed at countless dot coms and development companies around the country and where I see the IT work market going. I've made some people angry. Some of them have even called me names or said I am out of touch, but others have agreed with me. I know that some of my examples went to the extreme, but that was the whole point; the curre... (more)

Offshore Outsourcing: Magic Bullet or Dirty Word?

Read JDJ's 2004 Predictions by i-Technology Leaders Feature Story Read The End of Middleware by Jonathan Schwartz Read From the Founding Editor by Steve Benfield In the world of IT, outsourcing is either the dirtiest word you can utter or a brilliant one; it's all about who says it to whom and where it is said. No matter who uses it, it is a word most often said in private. When corporate managers use the word, it is always mentioned in a most confidential fashion as a potential cost-cutting tactic, a magic bullet to increase margins. When technical people use the word in public ... (more)

An Exclusive Interview with Tom Inman of IBM WebSphere Software

How Low Does BEA Have to Go? Jack Martin: I brought a couple of interviews with Alfred Chuang from BEA Systems where he says that he thinks that companies like IBM are too big now. That your sales process is too complicated and updating legacy is too hard. That BEA can out innovate you guys. It doesn't sound like that's what's happening though. Sounds like you're out innovating them. Tom Inman: Fundamentally we are out-innovating them. You know, whether it is the patents that we have, or how quickly our engineers turn new innovations into new product features. Or if you'd like to c... (more)