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Jack Martin, editor-in-chief of WebSphere Developer's Journal, recently sat down to talk with Jocelyne A. Attal about IBM's plans for the future of WebSphere WSDJ: What do you do at IBM? Jocelyne: I'm the vice president for marketing for the WebSphere brand. Which means a lot of things. I have a wonderful team that covers a very large scope of work for WebSphere. We work on strategy and design for the next version of WebSphere, making sure it has what customers and developers need and want. We are very focused on customer needs. Based on input from technical experts like Danny Sabbah (VP of Development), Don Ferguson (IBM Fellow), and others, we have some very original and innovative technology. Strategy is very important because it's about designing what WebSphere will be next year and beyond. WebSphere has been successful because we base our strategy on customer n... (more)

A Conversation with Stefan Van Overtveldt

Stefan Van Overtveldt tells Jack Martin, editor-in-chief of WebSphere Developer's Journal, that WebSphere Application Server 5.0 is "the next generation of application server," and that it offers broad support for open standards and Web services and fosters increased developer productivity. WSDJ: Do you have a general all-purpose statement on WebSphere Application Server 5.0 before I ask my questions? SVO: What we've done with WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 5.0 is come up with a next generation of application server. We've made significant progress in optimizing an application... (more)

Companies Must Deliver to Survive in Tough Times

After reading Jim Martin's closing piece last month I wondered if we were living on the same planet. He envisions a huge upturn in tech spending - a return to the good old days. I see massive consolidation, with the weakest players going out of business and the companies with good, serviceable products either just getting by or being acquired. The handwriting is on the wall. All one must do to see the future is look at what is happening to the companies who actually buy enterprise technology. For example, Burger King and McDonald's have rolled prices back to the 1970s for their ... (more)

Offshore Outsourcing: Magic Bullet or Dirty Word?

Read JDJ's 2004 Predictions by i-Technology Leaders Feature Story Read The End of Middleware by Jonathan Schwartz Read From the Founding Editor by Steve Benfield In the world of IT, outsourcing is either the dirtiest word you can utter or a brilliant one; it's all about who says it to whom and where it is said. No matter who uses it, it is a word most often said in private. When corporate managers use the word, it is always mentioned in a most confidential fashion as a potential cost-cutting tactic, a magic bullet to increase margins. When technical people use the word in public ... (more)

Birth of a Platform: Interview with Don Ferguson

Jack and Pat Martin, editors of WebSphere Developer's Journal, recently sat down with Don Ferguson, "the Father of WebSphere," to talk about its history and his view of WebSphere's future. Editor's note: We would like to make a special note that Don is very modest about this "Father" title and, as a matter of fact, avoids claiming this title because so many people have provided leadership and insights. Next month, the interview continues when Don Ferguson discusses how business partners will collaborate in the future using WebSphere and some of the deficiencies in WSDL that need ... (more)